ILLYRIA RAID 2016-2017    -   Address: Rruga "Gjergj Balsha", Nr. 6, Tirana-Albania

Tel: 00355 69 20 52 391 / 0032 48 76 38 060      Email:      fb: illyriaraidver
- Starting will be individual or in groups and in time intervals.

- Personal documents and vehicle documents must be all the time with the driver.

- First start moto and after quads and SSV.

- Everyday in the track will be a meeting point that will be designated in the Road Book
and given in GPS Points, for the launch break.

- Accommodation will be in the hotels and NO Tents can be build up in the hotel garden.

- GPS unit for navigation is personal.

- Every participant will be provided by the organization with a GPS/GPRS Tracking Device
for safety reasons and control the movements.

- A functional charged Mobile Phone is needed all the time during the ILLYRIA RAID.

- Small Medical Personal Kit packet and a blanket is a very good asset to have with you.

- Minimum fuel independence is 130 km and advisable is 160 km.

- Offroad tires with hard compound is a good choice. Mousse is more safer than tube.

- Extra personal medical insurance and inccidents can be done at the desk in the first Bivouac.
- Avoid coming with the bike/quad/SSV technically unchecked.

- The front light, back light; brake light must be functional, by hand lever and brake pedal.

- Functional horn, (activated with left thumb)

- The fixing of the navigation panel will be controlled.
Proper functioning of Road Book holder and Rally Computer (IMO, ICO, VECTOR ... etc)

- Full protection equipment: Helmet, Body protection, Enduro boots, Enduro clothes.

- The plate have to be original, and it has to be always on it’s place.

- If you need tyres during the Raid, contact the organization before the event.